Hello world!

Hey there bloggers!!!  Just wanted to give you all a brief introduction to my experiences with News Writing and Media.  Originally, I started out my college career as a Business major with an emphasis in Marketing, but decided to switch my major to Mass Communications, with a Strategic emphasis right after I completed an internship with BKV, a Direct Marketing firm based out of Overland Park, KS.  During the 13 week internship I was able to switch from department to department working with the firm’s Marketing Dept., Advertising Dept., Public Relations Dept. and the Creative Dept.  Working within so many different departments I was able to see just how different the writing styles were for our clients news releases, articles and public service announcements.  Seeing these varying styles of writing and the ways in which the firm’s target audiences reacted towards each one, really intrigued me and was the turning point in my decision to switch majors.

Taking what I learned from my internship in all of the previously listed areas allowed me apply that knowledge to my college courses.  I never imagined that I would do much writing in my future, but after taking courses in News Writing and PR Cases and Campaigns, I realized that writing is a vital skill I must have in order to be successful.  No matter if it is writing routine e-mails, writing to clients, writing news releases, feature releases, news articles, public service announcements, etc… The skills that I can take away from these news writing courses is something I will use every day.  These courses that involve constant writing has allowed me to sharpen my skills, which will be very valuable to me in my future endeavors.